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“How often does a digital signage network need to be updated in terms of hardware or software?”

This is definitely a “how high is up” question. The answer is dependent on many factors, including:

  • Is the hardware failing or no longer capable of meeting your needs?
  • Do you want to replace existing displays with new ones that are more energy efficient, larger, etc.?
  • Did you install consumer-grade displays to start with in order to save money and now ready to upgrade to commercial displays?
  • Could you replace hard-wired network connections with wireless connections if you updated hardware?
  • Do you have budget to replace existing hardware with new hardware?
  • Have you updated the CMS software as new versions have been released? Does your CMS software provider include updates in the original cost of either stand-alone or SAAS? If not, does the original software still meet your needs? Or has your content outgrown its capabilities?
  • Do you have the budget to replace existing software with new software? That includes the cost of training the content managers to use the new software.

Obviously, there’s no simple answer to this question. As with almost anything related to network management, budget will be the overarching factor in decision-making. Having good data to support the value of the network, and how it is helping the company meet its strategic objectives, will be useful in convincing those who control the budget that this is a worthwhile expense. Ultimately, it’s not just what you want or need to do; it’s what you can afford to do and whether or not it makes sense for the business.

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