Ask the Board – June 8, 2020 | CHRIS MACKENZIE


“How will Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity change digital signage in the next five years?”

The key limiting factors for NFC adoption have historically been the fact that 1), the iPhone did not support it and 2), a compelling use case that appealed to consumers. Now that the new iPhones support NFC, everything is new again. I see the key opportunity for NFC is allowing for a consumer to continue their journey from the big screen (transit, malls, airports, etc.) to their personal screen – something that they trust. Consumers don’t want to put in personal information on a public display. Now that the technology is here, we need advertisers to do more than just redirect people to their website. All advertisers want to connect with their potential customers, so how great would it be to advertise a dress and then have a consumer swipe to virtually try the dress on at home? A consumer could watch a trailer and then ‘win’ free popcorn by engaging with the screen, etc. If you engage a consumer enough to swipe, the reward must be greater than the action they took, so it has to be more than just redirecting to a website. While I do see potential for growth in pedestrian-level displays, I don’t see a place for NFC in large-format roadside digital.

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