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“How will Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity change digital signage in the next five years?”

NFC is an interesting technology in the Out-Of-Home space. It offers some great creative possibilities in the form of tap-to-engage type campaigns. For example, a tap could bring you to a website where you are provided a control to play a game on a large advertising video wall, or allow you to access a special download from an advertiser. Ideas surrounding scavenger hunts or tap-to-pay purchasing are all possible with the technology.

I am, however, skeptical about the advertisers’ adoption of such creative.  They are very custom and difficult to scale on today’s digital signage platforms. While very technically possible, the cost in rolling them out, and the amount of work at the production phase of the project will often scare advertisers away. 

If a technology platform solution comes along, with strong support from a CMS integration standpoint, AND a device (Apple/Samsung) standpoint, this may change. The advertiser requires something simple to execute and scale, the media owner needs solutions that don’t require custom face-by-face integration and deployment, and the consumer needs something as simple as TAP and Engage. Special downloaded apps, or cumbersome security measures, move this technology away from the “simple and fun” experience it requires to be widely adopted.

So, in conclusion, I’d have to say is has great potential, but I’m not holding my breath on the consumer-facing experience being transformational in DOOH anytime soon (if ever).

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