ASK THE BOARD: Lasting Impressions

When thinking about advertising campaigns or other uses of digital signage in circulation, what is the first piece that comes to mind and why?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board
Read the Answer by Steve Glancey

“I think about the LinkNYC network. It’s something that I am pretty excited to see launch. My company has had experience working with Intersection before it merged and is now part-owned by a Google alphabet.”
Vice President Business Development – ScreenFeed

Read the Answer by Gary Halpin

“Tough question, as we are probably supposed to remember digital signage campaigns like Super Bowl spots since we are in the industry. But that’s difficult because most campaigns for digital signage tend to be small budgets or in too many cases, simply re-circulated TV or…”
Co-Founder & Managing Member – Agency 225

Read the Answer by Margit Kittridge

“Among the many advantages of digital signage, perhaps the strongest advantage across any medium, is the ability to display dynamic content. Through cutting-edge HD displays, advertisers have the opportunity to include elements such as news feeds…”
Vice President, Digital Director – Intersection

Read the Answer by Patricia Mitrano

“There are digital billboard campaigns, which advertise hospital emergency room wait times. These generate questions like, ‘How can wait times be so short?’ ‘How are they determined?’ and ‘Do they apply to every single patient?'”
Director of Visual Communications – Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Read the Answer by Jim Nista

“There are so many great projects coming out of agencies and creative shops these days that do an amazing job of connecting with the viewer on many levels. These projects have a tendency to stand out and win awards, but the reality is that they aren’t really…”
CEO – Insteo

Read the Answer by Mark Zwicker

“When I look back at 2015, and think about the one digital signage initiative that impressed me the most, it has to be Battersea’s ‘Looking For You’ campaign.”
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Development – St. Joseph Communications

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