ASK THE BOARD: Magical Tools

If you could create a magical tool, resource or component for digital signage, what would it be and how would it revolutionize the industry?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Wells Caughey

“The magical tool for digital signage is the same tool that would be used for all marketing activities: It would be a tool that can perfectly attribute an individual’s purchases to the digital signs and content that contributed to generating those purchases.”
Director – Technology & Connected Environments

Read the Answer by Dave Koppelman

“One of the biggest concerns many advertisers have with digital signage is proof-of-play and how many people were exposed to an advertising message.”
Managing Partner
MacDonald Media

Read the Answer by Travis Kragh

“Right now, billions of dollars are budgeted each year for online marketing. Marketers can easily justify their spending because online clicks allow them to clearly measure the success of each piece of content.”
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Read the Answer by Christina Radigan

“Magic aside, a tool that would truly help to revolutionize the industry would be a “universe” of all digital signage inventory that facilitated planning and buying across networks, screens and formats.”
Managing Director, Marketing & Communications
Outdoor Media Group

Read the Answer by Rick Robinson

“The magical tool I’d like to see is something to help us master content creation. I don’t know what it looks like – a dynamic testing tool, an investment in learning, a clinical evaluation of best practices, a HUGE industry DOOH creative award show with epic judges and BIG prizes — maybe it’s all of the above.”
Partner, Chief Strategy Officer – Billups

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