Ask the Board – March 11, 2019 | DANIEL ORME-DOUTRE


“What are the top three questions you should ask when considering digital signage as a communication medium?”

  1. Who is your audience? Knowing who your audience is will help drive the right metrics and responses to your objective. If the answer is ‘everybody,’ then your approach is too broad, your content won’t stick, and you won’t have the right metrics.
  2. Who is creating your content and programming? Not just who, but how often! Fresh moving content is important to the correct audience. It needs to be relevant and programmed. Running a PowerPoint or Image gallery for weeks on end is not going to meet your objectives. While you might not need to change content daily, you need to have budget and resources available to keep it all fresh and active.
  3. How are you measuring your objective? Are you using cameras and IoT devices? What does that data collect and mean? Is measurement a click-to-buy rate? How are you tracking that? Is it the number of people walking by? How do you control that and validate it to your objective? If you metric is to uplift sales by a specific percentage, how will you measure that in signage? If you’re just doing brand awareness, how are you measuring that aesthetic experience? 

Obviously, there lots of questions to answer when using signage as a communication medium!

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