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“What are the top three questions you should ask when considering digital signage as a communication medium?”

When considering digital signage for communicating with an audience, there are several things you need to ask yourself and the team that will be managing it.

Do you have a content strategy? Your digital signage deployment is only as good as the content that is being displayed on it. You will need to keep the flow of fresh content to the displays. Content that is not refreshed can potentially become a blind spot to users who walk by the displays every day. You want to keep relevant content on the displays so that it can be a resource of information for the user and encourage them to look at the displays regularly.

With what type of communication do you want to engage your audience? The most popular and effective are graphics or motion video. You can take this a step further and give users an interactive experience. Studies have shown that content that has an entertainment value is the most memorable. You can give information in creative ways and educate your audience on a specific product or topic.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of digital signage solutions out there to choose from. It’s a good idea to spend time researching what you want to be able to accomplish. What features would like to have out of the box? How much control do you want to have? Do you have the internal resources to achieve your communication goals? Do you have designers, writers, editors, content approvers, and people who will handle all the CMS functions of the digital signage solution like layouts creation and scheduling of content?

With what deployment is your company (IT department) most comfortable? Cloud-based? On-Premise server-based? The solution will most likely need to meet your IT department’s requirements for company security. How much hardware and software support will you need over the long term? These are the considerations that are important in keeping you digital signage deployment running smoothly.

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