Ask the Board – March 14, 2016 | GARY HALPIN


What is your process from storyboarding to production of digital signage content?

 Depends on the budget, ha! Yes, there are times that storyboarding is skipped all together because of budget restrictions, timing (campaign needs to get out by tomorrow) or the ‘idea’ can even storyboard itself. As a creative agency, we like to have the time to storyboard a concept and tweak it during this stage before heading to production, but many digital signage campaigns are not super high end and simply don’t need this step. In many instances, we are creating an animation specifically for in-store or DOOH that matches an existing campaign from a client, where the ‘look’ is already in existence and we are trying to tie into that look for consistency. In other cases, a script for an animation and a few frame grabs of the style suffice. We all wish we had bigger budgets and more time, but that is rarely the case in the ad world these days, and more often than not, getting something out quickly and efficiently trumps the storyboards.

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