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What is your process from storyboarding to production of digital signage content?

 Insteo creates a lot of interactive and HTML5 content, so often we’re ‘wireframing’ and not storyboarding. The concept is the same as storyboarding out a video, but we aren’t sketching things out on paper. When wireframing out an interactive or data-driven solution, we sometimes are using something as simple as rapid prototyping in Adobe CC tools like Photoshop or Illustrator to just create a quick overview of how a project may come together. For more complex interactive projects, we get to have fun with online tools like FramerJS or We have even done prototyping in Prezi, the online animated presentation tool. When we have to demonstrate complex animations, transitions or data connections without writing code, we are finding there are some great online options for communicating with our clients.

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