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What is your process from storyboarding to production of digital signage content?

There are many journeys you can take in arriving at a final piece of content. Like all great journeys, knowing how the vehicle and roads function ahead of time will guide you on your path.

On every project, our goal is to put ourselves in the end users’ shoes and deliver relevant content. We also think of content in a holistic manner and ask questions about how the content fits within a client’s network, the environment it’s viewed in and the client’s branding. It’s a way of working from the end to outline what is needed for creation. And since other tools or processes, such as mind mapping or marketing concepts, may come into play, we keep the process flexible. Overall, our general process looks something like this but adapts as necessary:

  1. Brainstorm session with objective and idea finding/concept building
  2. Storyboards and scripting
  3. Internal reviews with feedback and further idea development
  4. Rough drafts
  5. Client presentation for feedback
  6. Final implementation

This process isn’t  too unfamiliar with people in the creative realm, and it works!  But we’ve gone a step further, really it’s a couple pre-steps that keep the creative fires primed and fueled—a type of pre-project starting point that aids in the production process. Plant the mental seeds for a project early on.  When possible, I like to let the team know a project is coming before official meetings take place. This gives the mind time to process some pre-ideas.

In my opinion, the best ideas can arise during the most mundane tasks like driving to work, eating lunch or taking a walk. During these quieter times, the brain has a chance to reengage and combine thoughts without the disruptive setting of a busy work environment. Provide an outlet for collaboration.  The yin to the yang of quiet thought is interaction, sometimes focused, sometimes random. Both have their benefits. About a year ago, I implemented a program called Slack as part of our workflow and collaboration. Beyond our normal project management tools to meet deadlines, Slack is an outlet for quick communications, and a resource hub of ideas for the team. It’s a safe environment for the free flow of ideas and adds fuel to the creative fires. Over time, we’ve filled it with posts, blogs, technology, industry news and production techniques. This dichotomy of quiet thought and then outspoken interaction helps to keep our process fresh and start any production off on the right foot.

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