Ask the Board – March 2, 2020 | CHRISTINA RADIGAN


“What should advertisers expect from their marketing agencies when it comes to innovation in digital signage?”

Advertisers should expect their agencies NOT to do something just because they can. Innovation in digital signage comes in all shapes and sizes, and it’s not always about being first, but being consumer-centric and contextual. Marketing agencies should always strive to provide their clients with the most innovative campaigns using quality media assets that enhance the environment and/or the consumer’s experience with it. The greatest innovation usually comes when the “Medium is the Message” and the creative has been customized for the channel. Digital signage allows marketers to tell a story, thus attributes of digital signage should be leveraged in order to enhance innovation such as video, audio, interactivity or the ability to update static messages using data-driven, dynamic ad-serving. The “biggest,” “brightest,” and “best” digital sign is not really innovative at all if the message isn’t at the right time or place. 

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