Ask the Board – March 2, 2020 | DAVE KOPPELMAN


“What should advertisers expect from their marketing agencies when it comes to innovation in digital signage?”

Agencies should make sure that innovation, in ANY form, still helps solve a marketing challenge or helps them stay on strategy. They shouldn’t just be innovative for the sake of being different. They must tie that execution back to the overall objective. It is the agency’s job to keep clients honest, on point, strategic, and consistent with all messaging directed to the consumer.

Once the opportunity is defined and fleshed out, the agency must make sure that all safeguards are in place for the advertiser to be fully protected, insured, and aware of any pieces that will hold the client accountable. Potential liability is magnified because innovation typically is equivalent to “never been done before,” and a client doesn’t want to be subject to any potential problem. With an approach that is new and innovative, the history and nuances are all fresh and unwritten.

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