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“What should advertisers expect from their marketing agencies when it comes to innovation in digital signage?”

Companies of all types and sizes continue to aspire to connect and build new relationships with their customers. Innovative marketing is one way to do just that. Incorporating the following elements into your thinking will help ensure you are successfully pushing the boundaries of innovation:

Data Integration – Using data as the backbone for content is a fantastic way to grab and retain attention. It allows the client to provide a customized experience with relevant information to consumers at the opportune time.. Agencies should push to find interesting and intelligent ways to fold data into concepts. Consumers are beginning to expect data-driven content. Make sure your marketing agency provides you with options to incorporate data in your marketing.

Blend Technologies – Advertising consistently turns heads when it integrates new ways of using technology. Expect to see ideas that integrate technology into digital signage marketing. These include sensors, lights, external apps, touchscreens and audio. Folding in technology can help provide an immersive customer experience (CX). These types of installations also establish a shareable experience that allows you to have an even greater reach with your marketing.

Mobile Integration – Discovering opportunities to bind to mobile interaction with digital signage can unlock new insights to help us learn about a digital campaign’s impact. It allows for a return signal that digital signage alone cannot provide. Designing in this direction is not always an option, but finding ways to link digital signage and mobile is a powerful way to expose deeper insights and more accurately target your consumers. 

Pro Tip: If integrating an idea like this feels forced, skip it. The concept should flow from start to finish seamlessly. Avoid trying to do it all and be smart with your marketing efforts. Intelligent marketing paired with innovation always connects.

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