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“What should advertisers expect from their marketing agencies when it comes to innovation in digital signage?”

Much of the innovative digital signage that I’ve seen installed over the last few years has been installed in physical venues like dealerships, retail spaces, brand centers, and similar customer-focused spaces where the digital signage plays an integral role in storytelling. In these environments, marketers should expect that their marketing agency not only have deep and established traditional digital capabilities like experience strategy, UX design, and the like; but the agency should also have strong project management capabilities that include construction project management and the ability to coordinate a project across a set of partners. On the technology side, the agency should have proven experience in building and deploying interactive and reactive experiences, identifying and assessing AV and technology partners, and leveraging the client’s existing investments in digital marketing, content management, and digital asset management platforms. Most importantly, the agency should have the size, staying power, and adaptability to be a partner throughout the life of an installation.

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