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How can beacon technology best be applied to create value for DOOH operators?

Beacon technology gives the consumers the opportunity to make physical and digital connections easier. We as humans are curious individuals and want to learn more about things if you give us something worthwhile to interact with. One of the issues with OOH media has always been the communication of one to many. Pairing beacons with OOH allows your brand to extend a one-way impression to a two-way engagement. This provides immediate gratification for the consumer and creates habits of interacting more in the future.

In the near future, these interactions will be able to use that consumer’s mobile history and interaction to serve even more relevant ads. We live in a world of that is a “ME” society. Why not create ads that are not only relevant at the right place and right time but also to the right “me” consumer. Beacons allow the brand to encourage engagement immediately. After the engagement, and when planned out correctly, placing beacons at the storefront allows more data opportunity for the brand. This allows the brand to be even more detailed on creative messaging once it’s able to track where they’ve been and what they’ve potentially seen.

From a vendor and brand/agency side, it’s the ability to provide real-time accountability and measurement of a campaign. This also helps increase campaign budgets with mobile enhancement. More and more brands are asking for this type of advertising. Those agencies that are educated and able to implement this type of campaign will win over the next few years. Lamar Advertising began selling mobile and OOH campaigns more than two years ago, and it’s exciting to see more and more shops adopt this type of media mix. I compare this to the media mix that my father encountered in the past. You wake up in the morning and read the paper (insert brand ad), your commute to work on the radio is heard with (insert brand ad) and during the evening news, you watch (insert brand ad). It’s the frequency of today and the future, using the devices consumers are using today to follow their life-pattern with specific and relevant creative content at that moment!

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