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How can beacon technology best be applied to create value for DOOH operators?

Beacon technology represents a further metric we can assess to help enhance targeting of messages. Not only can we use camera-based analytics to track dwell time, and add in demographics, but with beacons, we can add geographic awareness and tie in the important mobile device to the messaging. The best use of beacons would be two-fold:

  1. Capture data on when users move into and out of different spaces, and track how long they are present. Depending on the type of beacon technology (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), we can have different sizes of range within which we can track.
  2. Gain the ability to broadcast a message to a user onto their mobile device. This can trigger an interactive call to action that may help further capture user data or leave behind a message that the user will take with them. Since this should be opt-in, it gives the operator wide abilities to get messages onto the mobile device and track them through a user’s account.

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