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In what ways have you been able to exploit your existing digital signage network beyond the original business objectives to provide greater benefit than originally promised?

In my experience, I’ve seen customers take their digital signage network to the next level in several creative ways. As mentioned in earlier DSE blog articles, a lot of my experience with digital signage falls within professional sports stadium environments as it relates to food and beverage activation. This example has not been fully commercialized quite yet, but is being discussed as a huge opportunity to increase speed of service, revenue and the overall guest experience. By engaging other technologies like facial recognition software, digital signage can serve as a tool to direct fans at a baseball game to a shorter line. Early facial recognition software has been used to count guests in a space. If this is used in conjunction with the digital signage, the menu boards can alert guests to go three stands to the right around the corner for a concessions stand with absolutely no line. This action will move more guests through the line resulting in more sales for the concessionaire. But most importantly, it will drive the guest experience for the fan! For sports fans, it’s all about getting back to their seat and watching the game.
Another example that Coca-Cola is starting to explore is utilizing beacons with digital signage across multiple channels and environments. Proximity-based marketing is going to be the future of targeted messaging. Once beacon technology becomes fully adopted by many more consumers, companies will have a better idea of who their consumers are and what their shopping preferences are in real time. Imagine walking across a screen in a bus terminal and the message adapts to that person through connection of their smartphone and the beacon-enabled screen. It may be the key message that “makes” their morning commute. For example, Joe Smith walks within proximity of this screen, and the beacon recognizes that he is a loyal customer of Dunkin’ Donuts through his Dunkin’ Donuts-enabled app. A message about the newest breakfast sandwich pops up on the digital screen in the bus terminal and alerts Joe that a location is right around the corner. To take it to the next level, his app allows a coupon to also register on his smartphone. Joe is excited about the convenience of grabbing his favorite breakfast to kickstart his long day ahead. Dunkin’ Donuts and Coca-Cola benefit from the sale of the sandwich and the Simply Orange beverage Joe adds to his order. (Please note: This example is currently theoretical and for purpose of illustration only).
These ideas show that digital signage is not just a sign. It’s more of a way to engage consumers and enhance their experience on a personal level. It’s also a revenue driver for the companies who invested in the digital signage beyond what they ever could have imagined. It’s a win-win. The beauty of digital signage is that it can adapt as new technologies enter the market allowing the possibilities to be endless!

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