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In what ways have you been able to exploit your existing digital signage network beyond the original business objectives to provide greater benefit than originally promised?

Our digital signage system was originally approved as a way to reduce clutter in our nursing break rooms within the various units of our hospital. While we knew this was a driving force, we never dreamed how much we would be able to roll into the system. Moving beyond those break rooms, we began to quickly see the potential of digital signage in other areas of the campus. The amount of printing we have been able to avoid is nothing short of inspiring! Some of the strongest examples include:

Regulatory Signage – As a hospital, there are copious amounts of messaging that numerous regulators require we post in our patient and family areas. No need to spend any time or effort coming up with a design aesthetic if you are posting hard copy printed versions (the required notices could wallpaper a decent size auditorium!). By rolling these into our digital system, we freed up a lot of space that could be used much more thoughtfully to positively impact the patient experience.

Nutrition Services – We deployed digital signs in our two cafeteria areas as well as both cafes on campus to display menus, operational hours and nutritional information. Our Nutrition Services team can easily edit their content to account for last-minute changes to the menu or new offerings. The best part – no printing required!

Wayfinding – Large-scale wayfinding directories in hospitals can often take over an entire wall. By moving this content into an interactive system, users can step right up to search for their clinic, location or doctor and then get basic wayfinding instructions to help them on their way. As an additional bonus, these stations also offer information on campus amenities as well as local services located beyond the campus.

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