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In what ways have you been able to exploit your existing digital signage network beyond the original business objectives to provide greater benefit than originally promised?

During the design, development and implementation of digital signage, it can be challenging in and of itself with committee members not understanding the technologies and how it works, expecting too much without proper funding or product mismatches. Overcoming these initial challenges is important, but after all the initial implementations when everyone gets accustomed to it, a jewel appears. I consider these the unexpected kudos that you get when people use the system in methods that weren’t expected and it works really well. I believe everyone has at least one of these stories. Here are several examples of what they were designed for and how we used them:

Point sign:
One of the grounds entry sign. It isn’t an overly high-res board but is great for basic directions and upcoming event listing. On a Saturday I received the emergency panic call that the sign wasn’t correctly especially for a Dinosaur exhibit. I got the sign working in short order, but the Dinosaur data didn’t import correctly, so I had to manually upload the data and revise the schedule. Since I was manually updating the screen, I thought for fun let’s add a Dino logo. The organization had really a cute one so I place it into the rotation.  I was an instant hit. Everyone loved it and thought it helped promote the event. From that point on, any event that has a logo we can display, we do. A fun unexpected outcome.

Video system:
In several areas of the grounds we run a video system through RF, on occasion we have request to display a video or slide-show. Everyone loved seeing their “show” on the screens that the clients come back quite often just because of that ability.

Meeting room designator:
At the conference center, we run full-fledged digital system and similar to above we were able to show logos, video, slide show over-laid to part or all of the screens for the ball or meeting rooms they used. Clients enjoy seeing themselves on the screens, playing videos and special information above and beyond what the client expected.

Meeting room messaging:
This was a fun one, it started as a fun prank with staff members during setup. We would sequentially playing messages, as you walked through the Conference Center. It took a while, but when people realized you could tell a story by walking through the building, the idea took on a meaning of its own.  It is fun to watch people be entertained and have their eyes glued to the screens as they walk through the hall and try to figure out the messages.

These gems give us the “warm and fuzzy” feeling that pushes us to go beyond that status quo.  Why leave well enough alone when we can keep pushing the digital signage level higher and higher.

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