Ask the Board – March 4, 2019 | APRIL JOHNSTON


“What are some ways to serve targeted content when you’re dealing with public spaces and a bunch of demographics at once?”

As marketers, we can’t be everything to everyone. Start by defining your objectives and goals for your specific digital signage locations. From there, build out a group of target personas that you want to reach. Once you have your target personas set, you can group your already existing content based on your target personas to create target-specific playlists.  Fill out any missing holes with new content, developed specifically for your target personas.

If possible, use analytics and data to help dynamically schedule your target persona-specific playlists. Maybe you are trying to reach families, tourists and young professionals. Schedule your family focused content to play on the weekends, your young-professional-focused content to play during commute hours and your tourist-focused content to play during the middle of the day.  

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