Ask the Board – March 4, 2019 | STEVE GLANCEY


“What are some ways to serve targeted content when you’re dealing with public spaces and a bunch of demographics at once?”

The technology exists today to allow camera, beacon or cell-phone data creepiness to identify who the audience is. Once you know who they are, anonymously, it is also possible to drive audience-specific content to the screen, dynamically, based on those demographics. So, if you REALLY wanted to get fancy, and you had the budget, you can serve very targeted content to the audience assuming multiple demographics are not engaged with the screen at the same time. 

For most networks though, this is overkill. In most cases, a network can leverage another dynamic of targeting content beyond demographics, which is to base the content upon what us marketers like to call “affinities.” I may be 10, or 20, or 60 and still love watching my football home team, the Minnesota Vikings. Same thing goes with gender and race as many women of all races are huge fans of sports if you can get beyond the stereotypes. The affinity of sports content or sports-branded messaging/ads is a “targeting content” piece to engage the audience in this case completely obliterates the concept of demographics being the foundation for relevant content.  

I mentioned before how cellphone data can be used to track these affinities. The technology exists today to tell you, via people’s cellphones in front of your screen, what apps they have downloaded, websites they visit, and credit score they have. 

To me, affinities, regardless of demographics, should drive your content strategy. 

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