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In your opinion, is Programmatic Advertising a good thing for DOOH? If so why? If not, why not?

Everyone sure hopes so!
The hint of a mention of the word “programmatic” creates epic mass twirling on all fronts. I do love the collective optimism and our desire for DOOH to be a “part of it” yet I don’t think we really know what it all means.

If we’re referring to the notion of planning DOOH from real-time-geo-sourced audience data coupled with buying and executing space real-time – all with ongoing ROI metrics feeding optimization – well, we’re miles away.

The tools just aren’t there – and won’t be for a while. What’s more accurate is the notion of “automated” DOOH planning and buying – and that’s already arriving in bits and pieces. It’s no secret that many of us are actively investing in proprietary tools.

This will reveal itself in a fragmented fashion over the next few quarters and potentially after time some sort of industry standard will take root.
In the end there’s a common belief that programmatic DOOH capabilities will deliver significant new revenue streams while retaining current revenues (that might get lost to programmatic digital). I think this is a maybe.

OOH and DOOH have a unique top of the funnel purpose beyond programmatic and this should not be forgotten. Also, we simply don’t yet know how the public will respond to real-time DOOH messaging. We assume it as a panacea.

What’s much more interesting is the potential for the yet-to-be-known outcomes and messaging purposes for DOOH and all OOH as the segment automates. We have decades of momentum with a manual process that will all soon get shoved upstream. What’s that going to truly mean for brands, media vendors and OOH specialists?  None of us know.
And here’s another thought – will Programmatic Advertising give way to another method before DOOH catches up?

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