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“Does gesture control really have a place in digital signage, or is it a flash-in-the-pan trend?”

While swiping, panning, zooming, and dragging are really useful for map kiosks, the industry has not accepted these gestures for typical signage user interface controls.  And, while image and swipe gestures are popular on phones and tablets, they still are not part of most desktop interfaces beyond surface computers.

Nevertheless, digital signage touchscreens can provide benefits to certain kiosks such as:

  • Navigating maps
  • Browsing menus and categories
  • Entering name, email, and phone number
  • Ordering on self-service kiosks
  • Selecting your preferred display language
  • Enabling accessibility options

Gesture support is built on touch.  Subsequently, touch can often be an expensive add-on, but it’s not readily available on larger or outdoor screens. There are a few underlying technologies supporting touch, and some may be better suited than others for multi-touch point gestures. Nevertheless, as certain gestures become industry standard such as zooming images, these input commands can easily be supported by most digital signage interfaces.  One last thought … what is our industry solution to avoid spreading germs as multiple finger/hand gestures proliferate?

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