Ask the Board – March 9, 2020 | JOSHUA GOODWIN


“Does gesture control really have a place in digital signage, or is it a flash-in-the-pan trend?”

As retailers search for more ways to engage and attract clients through content, gesture mapping has proven itself a viable method to do just that.  As such, I don’t see this technology going away any time soon.

There are many benefits to gesture mapping, including helping shoppers to better visualize products, clear shelf space for more merchandise, offer a more personalized service and provide the retailer with valuable analytic information. Additionally, as we grow as a digital society, gesture control will draw shoppers into your store. I believe people like to interact with technology and digital displays, and the ease of gesture controls makes interactive engagement more accessible. 

Two hurdles for brick-and-mortar stores are getting customers in the space and competing with online shopping. I believe gesture control may be one of many solutions to this problem. Engaging interactive content and an interface that’s easy to control enhances sales, increases foot traffic and boosts revenue all while putting the retailers’ inventory at the buyers’ fingertips.

I believe gesture mapping definitely has a place in retail and can prove to be a great addition to the retailers’ arsenal.

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