Ask the Board – March 9, 2020 | LAWRENCE CHANG


“Does gesture control really have a place in digital signage, or is it a flash-in-the-pan trend?”

Gesture control was fairly prevalent during my first few visits to Digital Signage Expo, eight years ago, and while there are still interactive signs, some with gesture control, it’s actually a much lower amount now than I would have thought back then.  I think the reason has something to do with the potential complexity of content, large additional costs for more powerful hardware, and the overall digital signage strategy for each installation.  While gesture control can give big ‘wow’ moments, it has to be done very well for it to deliver, and I don’t think we’re quite there yet in terms of speed to recognize the gesture.  Once that gets sorted out, I think we’ll see growth in the area once again. There have also been challenges with calibration, and while gesture control is really intriguing, it almost seems to require a whole environment built around it versus the more traditional installation that just enhances a location.    

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