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“What is the most frequently overlooked aspect of creating a new digital signage network?”

In my experience, there are several areas that can be overlooked when implementing a digital signage network. When looking into adding a new digital signage solution, it’s easy to get excited about the possibilities of what the solution can bring to your organization. It’s easy to forget to add certain people or specific teams/groups within your organization to join in on the conversation and decision making. I have found that this can include getting IT involved to approve the solution that will be implemented on the (“their”) network.

Why would IT be involved if they will not be managing the solution? IT is responsible for everything on their network, including digital signage. They will need to know how this solution will impact their bandwidth, and if there any security concerns with the CMS as well as with an on-premise or cloud approach? Will the hardware need to meet specific security requirements before being installed? In short, it needs to deliver on all IT requirements to qualify and be approved, which can take some time for this to be evaluated. 

This situation happened recently, the client purchased a solution and were very excited until the day it was installed when everything came to a grinding halt. IT was not involved at all during the process and had no idea these decisions were being made. Once IT was informed, they began their evaluation and ultimately approved the solution.

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