Ask the Board – May 11, 2020 | TJ DiQUOLLO


“What is the most frequently overlooked aspect of creating a new digital signage network?”

The most frequently overlooked aspect when creating a new digital signage network is content – the bits of information that flow through the network.

One might think content is straightforward, like images and videos, and perhaps a data feed. However, content deserves much more consideration. Content is the stories that bring people together. Content is the information that empowers people to make decisions. Content is time-sensitive, and it requires work to consistently keep it fresh and exciting.

If you want to ensure that content is not overlooked, do this before building your network:

1) Identify the content owners,

2) Imagine what the content looks like,

3) Define the workflow from content ideation to distribution, and most importantly,

4) Understand how the content moves the business forward.

If you can answer the four questions above, congratulations … you are on your way to success.

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