Ask the Board – May 13, 2019 | RICK ROBINSON


“What advice would you give a college student that’s about to enter the industry arena?”

Recipe for success:  

1) Come to work “at the ready” every single day. Say YES! As a rule, stay super positive, and find ways to create value for the organization. Make sure you are additive to your assigned team and your company. Set the example for showing up prompt and prepared.  

2) Be curious. Crazy curious, but not cuckoo-curious. Know your boundaries while bringing a visceral desire to learn. Sustain this approach, and over time, you will become much more informed and versatile than your peers with an indispensable reservoir of experience.  

3) Finish strong. Always. Every time. Leaving no loose ends gives you room to dive into what’s next with a clean, open and positive mindset. Treat people really well, stay true to yourself and stand your ground when needed. Don’t worry, you’ll know when that’s necessary. Lastly, take good care of your body, and make a point of having fun!! Good luck 🙂

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