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“What advice would you give a college student that’s about to enter the industry arena?”

Entering the digital signage industry as a young digital designer can be challenging. That being said, here are a few tips to help make your transition into the real world a smooth one:

1) Design with purpose.

Do everything with intention, and avoid storytelling animations. Know that consumers who see your design are likely preoccupied. Make sure your key marketing message is on the screen for the full duration of your content. This gives you the best opportunity for your message to be processed by consumers who are on the move.

2) Understand the importance of file size.

This is a big one. Understand that how you make your content is just as important as the concept itself. Learning to use bitrate and other export settings will help your brilliant concepts run smoothly.

3) Understand software and hardware capabilities.

This may take some time, but understanding the boundaries of your software system is what makes a young designer dangerous. Yes, there are nuances to every DS platform, but learning how to leverage your software system within your design is what will separate you from the crowd moving forward.

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