Ask the Board – May 16, 2016 | DAVID SALEME


What technology will be a game-changer for your business in 2016 and beyond?

Data analytics should be a real game-changer for digital signage in the transportation sector in 2016 and beyond. With a properly deployed Wi-Fi network and the back end software to support it, we now have the ability to see passengers’ movements through the facility while protecting their individual anonymity. Our intent is to include this new source of data with more traditional forms of data collection like direct passenger surveys. Data analytics, however, has the ability to provide sample sizes we could not develop separately and has the added benefit of showing actual behavior, not just reported behavior. This information will significantly influence the placement and value of future amenities. Digital signage is one piece in that amenity puzzle that we are continually working towards solving to maximize our overall customer satisfaction. Data analytics will provide the ability to quantify and illustrate the value of a given location in a way that should be a real game-changer!

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