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What technology will be a game-changer for your business in 2016 and beyond?

A game-changer for a company like Coca-Cola and its customers will be integration between point of sale systems and the digital signage. Digital signage providers have talked about this kind of integration for several years now. It is starting to come to fruition, but has not yet become scalable or cost effective to make it mainstream. The big barrier to entry has been for these digital signage providers having to pay large “entrance fees” to work and integrate with mainstream POS system, such as Micros.

 I’m going to paint a picture of how this will work, and change the game of how powerful digital signage can be as a true tool for food service operators and the guest experience moving forward. Imagine a POS system that understands inventory and production in real time in a food and beverage venue. Now, imagine that this food and beverage environment is a concessions stand at an NFL game. The food operator of this stand is constantly making more and more hot dogs and French fries. He is probably basing the amount he is preparing off of data from prior games. However, let’s imagine that he makes too many hot dogs, and it’s the last quarter of the game. The POS system knows that the amount of hot dogs is very high for this time of the event. The POS system automatically sends a signal to the digital signage to start promoting hot dogs above all over items. This is done in an effort to sell more hot dogs and minimize potential waste.

 The technology would have set rules for these types of scenarios. If there are dangerously high amounts of extra hot dogs, it updates the menu board with a discounted offer promoting hot dogs at half price with the purchase of a Coca-Cola beverage. This draws attention from passing guests, and results in more hot dogs and more beverages sold in that final quarter. The food operator does not have to panic or manually make this change himself. The integration between the POS and the digital menu board is “smart” enough to do it on its own due to the integration between the two.

This technology not only saves the food operator a lot of money from wasted product, but it enhances the guest experience overall! There are many other examples of how this can be effective, and become a true game-changer for our partners.

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