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What technology will be a game-changer for your business in 2016 and beyond?

As E-Commerce is a huge part of Eileen Fisher’s business, I see advancements in Internet Technology as our game changer.

As the Internet grows, so do possibilities for E-Commerce. One innovation that has caught the eye of fashion retailers is Virtual Fitting and Sizing. Clients can use new and innovative tools to try on garments using virtual software. The process uses your webcam and applicable software integrated into your web store. The garment is superimposed over your body. Colors, sizes and access to the garment library means consumers can try on styles in the comfort of their home and any time of day or night. Additionally, a snapshot can be taken and then shared or stored for future reference.

Secondly, as security is of prime importance, advancements in consumer protection are a welcome trend. Specifically, biometric safety measures ensure client confidentiality and protections from fraud and identity theft. Touch ID technology (thumbprints) linked to your credit card will make typing in your personal information obsolete. Additionally, this information can be used to create a customer-specific database that can then be used for customer loyalty gifts, client specific sales, etc. Lastly, impulse purchases are just a thumbprint away.

With all the new trends in technology, the Internet and its relationship with E-Commerce is a new and unspoiled landscape with infinite possibilities.

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