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What technology will be a game-changer for your business in 2016 and beyond?

 Data, data and more data. The phrase “Data is the new oil” couldn’t be more true as it has disrupted every aspect of the display marketing space. Digital signage, albeit powerful and aesthetically pleasing, is simply hardware without the right content. Now the right content at the right time for the right person has the chance to revolutionize how we deliver our messaging, manage inventory and alert a hi-density audience to security threats and more. Networked signage with an intelligence backbone can be very impactful when done correctly.

 The key here is having accurate and structured first-party data to power your networked displays. Hot dogs run out at the venue? No problem. Signage synced to an inventory management system now removes that item from a concession menu board display. Want your beer stand to stand out from the crowd? Hook it up to a weather feed and have it display different colors based on the weather. On a sweltering day, when the thermometer hits 90 degrees, use that weather data feed to trigger a sweating beer cup or can to pull thirsty fans in.

 And then, there’s demographic and psychographic analysis that can be done via facial recognition technology built into your signage stack. It scans the customer, and based on their facial characteristics, it delivers a unique message fit for their persona/segment.

 The opportunities are endless when adding customer/fan data to help power digital displays. As marketers, we are all in search of the right message at the right time to modify consumer behavior. That time is now and more exciting than ever!

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