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“What is your opinion on using traditional video wall panels vs. tight-pitch LEDs?”

This is a very timely question. We just priced out these options for our new Conference Center where we are planning a large video wall that will be 16 feet and 9inches wide by 9 feet high.

Sharing some of our considerations here: Nationwide Children’s Hospital LED vs LCD

For installations that are viewed at close range (within approximately 10 feet), the traditional large LCD panel, or a set of thin-bezel LCD monitors, have a sufficiently high resolution and can look great if the content is designed to work with the bezel dimensions. The initial install cost is more affordable, but one also needs to take into consideration the five-year lifespan of the monitors and the color calibration maintenance that is required a couple times a year.

This is also the type of screen to use with a tough overlay for interactive digital signage. If this is your first jump into digital signage, it’s a great place to start.

Small pixel LED installations are a seamless and fresh way to create magical experiences with a video wall. They need to have a little bit of space for clear viewing (10 feet or more) and are great for installations that will occupy large volumes of space (or exterior applications, where they have been used for years).

The initial installation cost is approximately one-third higher than the traditional LCD panels, but they have double the predicated lifespan (10 years vs. five years) and a bit more mechanics for hardware.

They also provide greater design flexibility because they can also be worked into nontraditional and non-rectangular configurations, which inspire all kinds of new digital art creations.

LEDs are very big in retail and in the commercial marketing world.  Forward thinking….

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