Ask the Board – May 18, 2020 | JASON STUEHMER


“What is your opinion on using traditional video wall panels vs. tight-pitch LEDs?”

Technology evolution is great. The advancements in direct-view LED have come a long way recently and are very impressive. Tight pixel-pitch panels have resulted in shortened viewing distance, and the medium has become effective at much closer ranges than ever before. 

When considering traditional video wall screens vs. tight-pitch LEDs, the biggest benefit of tight-pitch LED is that the seams between each panel disappear. Video wall panels have extremely thin bezels for the intent to be as close to seamless as possible, but they haven’t totally been eliminated, which leaves just a bit of evidence between each panel. Additionally, a cost-benefit analysis needs to be done because there is a considerable cost difference between LCD video wall screens and tight pixel-pitch LED panels. 

Other factors to consider are: 

  • Life expectancy
  • Resilience for the environment (indoor vs. outdoor)
  • Brightness for visibility (ambient dim indoor lighting vs. direct-sun outdoor)
  • Maintenance

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