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“What is your opinion on using traditional video wall panels vs. tight-pitch LEDs?”

When outfitting retail spaces with video walls, there a few things to consider, including the cost of installation, operation and maintenance and content befitting the installation’s objectives and scale. These are all important, but a major consideration will always be LED light pixel pitch, or, the distance between each LED as it sits on the LED panel.  The lower the pitch, the more tightly packed together the pixels, the higher the resolution.  With a high pixel pitch comes lower resolution. As such, higher pixel pitch video walls will require larger sizes to achieve an acceptable resolution.

Where the video wall is displayed will determine what pixel pitch is best. For example, a video wall placed indoors should require a lower pitch as space and viewing distance may be a factor. A video wall placed outdoors, where viewing distances are greater, will necessitate a higher pitch.

So the verdict is a mixed one. Location, ambient light, cost and maintenance should all be considered when installing a video wall, if getting the best resolution you can is your goal, install a low-pitch video wall. 

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