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“What is your opinion on using traditional video wall panels vs. tight-pitch LEDs?”

Both traditional video walls and tight-pitch LEDs have their role in the current landscape of digital signage/video walls. It depends on the usage, space, and constraints on light conditions, budget, and form factor. Viewing distance can also play into the choice – it depends on just how sharp a picture you need, and how far your viewing audience will be on average to your display. Those large highway signs are likely never going to be super tight-pitch, while indoor displays that you might walk by in a hallway are going to require a much finer pitch to get the same quality as a traditional panel at the same distance, and will cost significantly more. If someone needs to be able to read it from a foot distance, LED still needs to get far tighter than it is today.   

LEDs have the ability to be shaped into much more flexible configurations, while in the end, most traditional video walls are rectangular – though you can create some amazing things with some of the more creative vendors’ mosaic tile style of displays. However, traditional wall panels can pretty much never be circular – or I’ve never seen them that way, while I’ve seen circular LED walls before, with curves, either around walls, or on ceilings, and the like, in a ribbon format.    

Traditional displays are still much less expensive, and can be put up fairly quickly with many options for mounting, and you can get a higher resolution out of a large set of displays than tight-pitch LED, but it’s getting a lot closer between the two choices, both in pricing and resolution. Bezels have been getting thinner and thinner, so the image is getting more seamless, but there will always be those lines with the traditional model.   

As tight-pitch LEDs get better and better in how small the pixels are, I’m becoming more of a fan, as the overall look and feel is just that much greater, but in the end, it will always depend on the application and budget.    

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