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“What is your opinion on using traditional video wall panels vs. tight-pitch LEDs?”

Both traditional panels and tight-pitch LEDs are very valid options based on the requirements of the project, and I would always consider both. Some key factors to consider include: 

Content Requirements – What type of content is envisioned for the video wall?  If the content is text-heavy, consideration should be given to the bezel space between displays in the traditional video wall.  Even if the content is artistic or all graphics, the amount of detail and resolution are still important. If the content is macro visuals, the bezel between panels will be less noticeable.

Space Requirements – How large is the video wall?  What is the mounting surface?  Are there weight requirements? Is it indoor or outdoor? Will supplemental cooling be required?

Viewing Distance – Traditional video wall panels will almost always have a bezel to consider. Whether that bezel is noticeable or even distracting will greatly depend on the viewing distance from the wall. The viewing distance is also a critical factor in the selection of pixel pitch in order to achieve the resolution requirements of the project. It may not always be possible or cost-efficient to achieve close-range viewing at high resolution from an LED wall. The viewing angle is also an important consideration for each option.

Budget – In most cases, a traditional video wall will be a less expensive option, but it still depends on the size and quality of the displays chosen.

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