Ask the Board – May 18, 2020 | NATE MORRIS


“What is your opinion on using traditional video wall panels vs. tight-pitch LEDs?”

We do see tight-pitch LED solutions as our future path for large display walls. While the initial cost for LEDs is still high at the moment, this will drop in the coming years. We also expect the total cost of ownership to be lower now, even with the higher up-front cost. LEDs should last longer and require less maintenance than traditional LCD panel installations. The added benefit of creating displays in unique shapes and sizes due to the smaller LED tile size also makes LEDs more attractive.

We recently installed two 16-foot by 9-foot LED video walls in the newly opened Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts facility, as seen in these under-construction photos:

We are planning additional indoor and outdoor LED installations for our future large display wall needs.

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