Ask the Board – May 18, 2020 | WILLIAM “WILL” COFFEY


“What is your opinion on using traditional video wall panels vs. tight-pitch LEDs?”

The use of video wall panels is something that has helped fulfill a need over the past 10 to 15 years. LEDs panels during this time had a high pixel pitch, and their relative size and density did not allow for a TV-like display. Other projection technologies lacked the ability to provide a bright crisp display picture even though the display sizes could often be larger than a traditional flat TV panel.

As technology has continued to improve across both display types, we have seen almost a merging of these two technologies. The bezels for the video wall panels have become smaller, reducing the visible lines between displays and coming closer to achieving the desired look of one large display. The pixel pitch of LED panels has also become much tighter with a much higher density of LED diodes allowing the modular LED panels to begin to display content more like a flat panel TV screen and less like a collection of lights used to display directional or informational signage.

In the future, I believe traditional panel video walls will become a thing of the past. The tight-pitch LED panels have many advantages over the traditional video wall, and the price gap between the two is closing rapidly. One physical advantage tight-pitched LEDs have is their modularity. Where video walls need to exist on a flat surface using a limited number of panel sizes, the tight-pitched LED panel size the can fit into almost any application and shape. Some advantages of the tight-pitched LED panels include higher brightness of the overall display, better energy efficiency, longer life and utilization, faster refresh rates, wider viewing angles, better color contrast, and seamless bezel lines for that single large display look. This last item is what both of these display solutions have ultimately been working to achieve.

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