Ask the Board – May 2, 2016 | IAN DALLIMORE


What is the best way to quickly execute installations and anticipate or overcome hardware/software delays?

Throughout my career at Lamar, we’ve done some pretty off-the-wall campaigns involving technology and third-party hardware and software. No matter what the technology is, the best rule of thumb is to treat the technology portion as if it’s being done for the first time every time. You and your team know and understand your screens and technology better than anyone. Most of these third-party technologies seem like a simple plug and play when being pitched.  The reality is it’s never that simple.  We typically like a few weeks to test the technology prior to a campaign going live in the market.  Once we are comfortable, we sign off and learn from the installations within the test market. We are currently working on a campaign that will launch early next month that is the first of its kind in the United States.  We’ve tested and retested and tested again with the client prior to even going live.  This not only helps protect the vendor with the “newly” tested software but it actually puts the client at ease because you’ve done your due diligence throughout the process.

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