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What is the best way to quickly execute installations and anticipate or overcome hardware/software delays?

At times, you may find the need to expedite a digital screen installation. To prepare for this, it’s important to have the following plan in place:

Develop a third-party preferred vendor list.
If you are looking for a vendor who can expedite some or part of a digital signage project at the time of need, it may be too late. Equipment can take up to four weeks to produce and ship (depending on the vendor and equipment requirements), and finding an installer who can handle your install can be time-consuming, so having a few vendors that you have hand-picked will help you move a project quickly.

Keep components that require long lead-time on-hand.
Keeping a long list of inventory may not be an option for your outfit, but making sacrifices and keeping a shortlist of “unpredictable” hardware may help you out in a pinch.

Open a line of credit for short-term needs.
Depending on the project size and required turn-around time, you may find it beneficial to have an open line of credit arranged with a bank to help fund projects that will be paid after completion. Don’t get stuck having to find the money for a deal and run the risk of losing it. Be prepared and have that bank relationship in place.

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