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What is the best way to quickly execute installations and anticipate or overcome hardware/software delays?

The best way to quickly execute installations is to build a bench of installers in the geographies most likely to require and deserve a quick response. Developing working relationships with local “back-up” professionals means that you’ll always have someone available to address a problem quickly. The geographical segmentation may use criteria such as travel costs, the number of top customers in the region, time zones/customer service coverage and labor costs/regulations. In addition to a bench of installers, companies should absolutely have a DIY mentality that empowers employees to get the installation done. Recognizing and rewarding those with the skills and expertise to conduct a last-minute install is crucial for motivating employees when third-party installers cancel or just don’t show up.
To best anticipate hardware and software delays, it’s very important to first identify the most likely causes for delays (usually based on past experiences). Examples of unforeseen hardware and software delays include new tech becoming available, feature creep, illness/accidents, personnel changes and financial/contractual terminations. The most valuable assets a company has to best predict the unforeseen are data, experience and intelligence. Technology and install departments need smart, talented people, but they need people who have been around the block as well. Companies also need young, fresh talent to spot the trends and changes in technology. Management needs to weed out the employees most likely to cause feature creep and make sure the teams involved in customer satisfaction are reliable, stable and dedicated to the work. A good lawyer and finance team can protect the interests and firmness of contracts. Finally, companies need to keep data on failures, maintain alert statuses on all potential projects and reward successes.

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