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“What does monitoring/maintenance look like from your end after integration?”

After all of the technology is deployed in the rooms or across an organization, it must be reliable to enable the desired user experience. Technology monitoring and management should not be compartmentalized (i.e. VTC v. AV)

AVI-SPL Symphony is our company’s proprietary user experience management application for digital workplace technologies that powers its services and solutions.  The application simplifies user engagement, improves meeting success, and enables business outcomes. Companies deploying AVI-SPL Symphony’s full capabilities benefit from an integrated end-to-end collaboration workflow, a single pane view into the supporting technology estate, and actionable business intelligence that drives the desired user experience and adoption.

AVI-SPL Symphony focuses on:

  1. Expanding the scope of devices the application can speak to either through: (1) a manufacturer management application, (2) a physical controller deployed with connected devices, or (3) the devices directly
  2. Enhancing the control application to enable remote control of managed spaces with or without physical controllers deployed
  3. A focus on delivering business intelligence through integration with third-party applications such as MSFT Power BI and Google Analytics
  4. Workflow integration with other enterprise applications – including scheduling (MSFT Exchange/Google Calendar, etc.), ticketing (Service Now, Remedy, etc.), and building management (Accruent EMS, ACAProject, etc.)          

AVI-SPL’s support and maintenance offerings provide positive business outcomes by keeping collaboration technology performing at top level so that end-users will have confidence that everything will work as expected. Our offerings minimize system downtime and maximize system performance, meeting organizations’ collaboration objectives such as increased productivity, cost savings over the life of the contract, dedicated expert technicians, and the ability to grow.

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