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“What are some of the most effective ways to utilize smaller surfaces for signage or projection?”

The biggest challenges of small-size signage tend to be…

1)      Why notice me at all?

2)      Conveying a ‘Big Message’ (often too much) via a small space

3)      Minimal engagement as a result of the above

Effective use of small-format signage becomes a task of Impact and Leverage. Some approaches I’ve seen that can address both:

Teamwork Signage. 
What this means is using multiple signage locations as a combined medium to deliver the message.  Each sign delivers an important nugget, but also plays a part with other signage in delivering the full message. This is particularly effective if the type of the location is consistent, and allows for a repetitive viewing audience that can make the visual connection, for example subway trains, bus stops and the like. Digital signage can take the same approach in the sense that a series of messages can be delivered sequentially in the same signage space. These types of executions require strong creative talent, but can be fun and interesting both for the creative team and viewing audience when done well.

Simple, Hard-Hitting Call to Action.
With this tactic, the idea is to take the economy of space available via the signage, and with a simple, hard-hitting message, Compel or Intrigue the viewer to Take an Action that gets them to a place (likely digital) where you can communicate the full message or pitch.  

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