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“What are some of the most effective ways to utilize smaller surfaces for signage or projection?”

Small signs appear to have significant communication limitations, especially in the era of extra- large screens and massive video walls. Some of the problems of smaller signage are that they can’t be seen from far away, they blend into the environment and they don’t have enough space for sales copy. Nevertheless, we can think strategically on how we can use small form factor to deliver a narrow but focused message.

Here are some ideas to help with effective small signage:

  • Text – Could you use a large font with a concise message instead of squeezing down a large poster?
  • Images – Can you use large simple well-known icons to supplement your message?  
  • Playlist – Can you design for your typical viewer using one or multiple screens in your presentation?  
  • Audio – Can you use audio or external speakers to supplement a message or grabattention?
  • Interactive – Could you use touch capabilities to reveal more self-serve data as necessary?
  • Visibility – Are you mounting signs at the right height/angle based on your user or group of viewers?
  • Link – Is there a way you can add more content via a Web URL, QR code or app download?
  • Locations – Could you utilize multiple signs with the same or supporting content?

These ideas can help you think of ways to communicate better when you have screens in tight places, older monitors, tablets or even tiny payment screens.  When you feel limited with your sign real estate, think about all the creative ways designers have used tiny web ad banners.  Finally, while you are designing for a smaller sign, be sure you have a limited but focused communication goal.

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