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“What are some of the most effective ways to utilize smaller surfaces for signage or projection?”

The advent of smaller digital signage technology is truly is a game changer.  Before I discuss retail, I’ll share a story of a recent conference center visit. Think of the humble break out room or meeting room. Once upon a time, applying white plastic letters on a black plastic letter board did signage. This was time consuming and labor-intensive. Disruption came with Letraset, where signs could be made and simply inserted into holders on the wall outside the room. The next disruption came in the form of TrueType printed signs. The conference center I was at had small digital signs on the walls outside the rooms. Suddenly, real-time changes to copy, logos and colors were possible all from one central location.

In the retail world, smaller signs serve practical purposes showing details and pricing for a product on display. These offer the operator the ability to change prices and offers instantly. Because of the size and resolution, these can display QR codes or short videos to enhance the shopping experience. The flexibility and impact is amazing.

As digital signs come down in both size and cost, many possibilities present themselves. Think of the old “blue-light special” for the new digital age. From a central location, a retailer can trigger flashing colors on specific signs to attract the shopper. A row of shelf signs can be sequenced to lead a viewer to a specific point in the store. The ability to direct shoppers, target offers, make instant changes and apply sales metrics to all of this gives retailers the potential for insight that would have been unheard of only a few years ago.

Not only are digital signs effective in large outdoor or artistic settings, but the possibilities of small retail digital signs are also only limited by the imagination.

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