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“What are some of the most effective ways to utilize smaller surfaces for signage or projection?”

A good way for me to answer this question is to describe how we are using a variety of screens, including a bunch of small ones, in a new installation at our global headquarters.  Our display is one of six, each showcasing the core product line of that group.

Back-lit sign to name the group. Each display starts with a vertical 42-inch back-lit sign with a beautiful photo and text that names each group. Ours has the core blades of an aircraft engine – dramatic!

Small screens to tell product stories. Five products of various sizes are displayed on a counter and back wall.  Plexiglas frames surround them and small, 12-inch screens tell the story of each, starting with the important aircraft they support – such as the world’s workhorse helicopter the Black Hawk and the many important roles it plays – then the location in the aircraft where our product is used, done with animation. Then, we animate the aircraft to show the function of the product.

Without a screen, we would have had to do all of that with still graphics. We wouldn’t have had the room to tell so much about the story, and we wouldn’t have been able to add movement, light and excitement. Small screens are perfect for the job!

Horizontal screen for video. The displays also feature a 42-inch horizontal screen that plays an exciting video showcasing the key aircraft we support worldwide.

Touch screen for interactivity. Finally, we include a 26-inch touchscreen, where we feature a slick interactive that allows us to take a visitor inside an airplane and see where all of our products are used.


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