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“What are some of the most effective ways to utilize smaller surfaces for signage or projection?”

Within Nationwide Arena, we have several locations that display and effectively use smaller surfaces for digital signage. Here are some of the more popular uses:

  • Menu boards – these are placed throughout the arena at concession stands and portable units. Using the digital signs in these locations provide opportunities for fans to clearly see concession prices, while still being able to watch the game.
  • Utilize high traffic areas – we’ve placed monitors in small spaces on the concourses throughout the arena. We place everything from the game itself to way-finding communication and marketing messages in these spaces. The locations of these particular smaller signs are up high so they are easy for people to view and appear frequently throughout the arena.
  • Provide smaller signs within areas that have specific promotions or messages to display. For instance, we use signage at our Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation kiosk to highlight upcoming initiatives along with that particular night’s 50/50 fundraising promotion. We also use signage at our Season Ticket Holder Central station on the main concourse. This sign is used to promote upcoming season ticket holder events, which showcase benefits of being a season ticket holder and includes photos from past STH functions. Both the kiosk area for the Foundation and the STH Central area take up a small amount of space but by using digital signage in those locations, it helps enhance the overall experience for our fans.
  • Nationwide Arena Box Office – we’ve upgraded the box office area to include two areas for digital signage. We have digital will call signs now that can promote upcoming shows, that night’s event and any other pertinent information that we want to include.  There are also box office monitors that can display marketing messages, videos, upcoming games and general information.

In short, we’ve found some ideal digital signage locations within our venue to maximize and improve the experience for our fans. Attached are a few images of the spaces referenced above.

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