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“What are some of the most effective ways to utilize smaller surfaces for signage or projection?”

Small surfaces are sometimes overlooked in the digital signage industry, where it seems bigger and brighter tends to happen quite a bit. However, when looking at effectiveness, the small surface sometimes makes far more sense, and has a much bigger impact.

Like all signs, placement, location and usage all come into play. When you think about smaller displays, sometimes, less is more, especially when you’re looking to design something a bit more sleek, and not so in your face. Other options include retail end caps, with small digital signage that can show off an ad where people are browsing the competitive products. It can give you that one push to action. Retail signage as a whole can be enhanced using small projection displays, showing product information, having information show up dynamically when someone picks up a product, or like the Lego store, showing off the toy inside the box when the box is scanned. Sometimes, a tablet-sized display is better than a large screen wayfinder just due to the personal nature of the interaction. Tablets are also great for tabletop displays and even room signage.

In the end, don’t overlook any space that may work due to size. Digital signage comes in all shapes and sizes, and may be a fit for you.  

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